Clinics & Camps

Clinics are a perfect way for adults and juniors to learn the basics and improve your current skill level in a fun, relaxed group setting. Coach Mike makes your learning experience simple and easy to understand. You will leave every lesson knowing how to practice effectively and start to really enjoy yourself on the golf course. And don’t worry, he’s been coaching these group clinics for over 30 years so he knows how to get the point across quickly. You will get plenty of attention!
Topics of instruction

Pre-shot fundamentals and basic swing shape
Chipping and pitching
Full iron swing from the fairway
Putting aim, stroke, speed control and green reading
Driver swing
You’ll be taught according to skill level for the true beginner, intermediate and advanced level golfer. Players will develop a proper pre-shot routine and jump right into making full swings and hitting golf balls. The goal is to finish the session knowing how to practice and ready to tackle the golf course. Rules, etiquette and golf course management will be taught accordingly.

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